Sunday, August 9, 2009

A large offerring was presented

Sara did poop Friday night, but early this morning she did again around 2:45. It was without any help (suppositories etc..). So that is huge. Two in a little over a day keeps the doctor away. She is eating great, she for sure should be coming home this morning with Jennifer while we are at church. Unless the warden has something else in mind. And the fact she did it on her own means we probably won't be going to see a gastro specialist. We are ecstatic.

I had just finished feeding her at 2 and laid her back in her bed when I laid down on the so-called bed/chair/lumbar torture device. I was texting Jennifer who happened to be up pumping at home telling how I just heard her pass gas. But something told me to get up and check her out and viola! Poop from her belly button to her back! What a great sight, I took a picture with my phone and sent it to Jennifer. I was so excited I could hardly go back to sleep. Thanks for praying. It never ceases to amaze me how the creator of the universe cares about even the poop of our children. He is incredible - can't wait to get to church and praise Him.


  1. only a proud parent would take a pic of poop!


  2. i took a pic of my nephew once when he had a poop that went up his back. good times. especially since aunt stacy wasn't the one changing him :)

  3. Amazing what we are thankful for sometimes!!
    Way to go, Sara Rose!

  4. waiting for poops is so hard. our daughter was jaundice when she was born. we couldn't leave until she pooped. 5 days she waited. and yes we took a picture as well. :-)