Tuesday, August 11, 2009

11 Weeks Old

Had a busy Monday with Sara. Her eye exam was passed with flying colors. She has no sign of ROP, where the blood vessels in the retina are not developed. She also had a good appointment with the pediatrician. Her bowels are good and have been working great. Really great. She is up to 6lbs 10oz. Only 2 more doctor's visits this week. 3 next week.

Of course with everything that happens that is good with Sara we seem to pick up something new to work through. And the great devil of infancy, the scourge of newborns, the thorn in the flesh of babies has shown it's ugly head. That's right. Good ole COLIC has appeared. Just a few hours after coming home from the hospital Sunday we saw the old demon show up, the same monster we had in Abigail and Emma Grace. Colic - no one knows why and there is no cure but time. But until then it takes teamwork, lots of Tylenol, and naps. And that's just for me and Jennifer. As for Sara, patience. So there you go, that's the new situation you can pray for us about.

Jennifer is making some adjustments in her diet so her milk won't contain milk products. Same thing she had to do with Emma Grace. So hopefully in another week or so that can be ruled out as a possible cause.

I know I haven't posted pics in a while, I promise I will tonight or tomm.


  1. Colic...oh bless your heart. Mine had colic and only those who have lived through it can truly know what a challenge it can be. Good luck!

  2. Thanks for the update. Can't wait for pictures. I've been praying that you all have had a good week.


  3. My third child had horrible colic. Everything I read said there was nothing you could do, just wait it out. Finally at one of his check ups, I mentioned it to the pediatrician. He prescribed Zantac (heartburn medicine) and it worked wonders! It worked immediately, and he was a completely different baby. Not sure if that will work for Sara but just wanted to pass along the info.

  4. My daughter was miserable when she was first born (12/2008). Here's what I recommend: Make sure she doesn't have reflux. Zantac wasn't strong enough for Abby so we went straight to Prevacid (miracle!).

    And I CANNOT recommend the Miracle Blanket enough. I promise you won't regret buying it. Abby went from screaming her head off to sleeping 5 hours straight the first night.

    And if you have time to read (haha): Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby will help tremendously too!

    Best of luck...how wonderful to have such normal newborn worries right?

    From one colic survivor (and DEFEATOR!!) to another! :)
    Jamie Corona

  5. I'm praying colic doesn't stay around long! Bella was our only colicky baby. There were many days I would turn on praise music and just cry. Some nights all she seemed to do was scream from 5 to midnight. We tried acid reflux medications and they would seem to work for a day or two then it was back to screaming. It lasted with us from about 3 weeks til about 9 months. Most of everything I read said it usually tapered off around 6 months. I don't know how many times I took her to the pediatrician and my only complaint was the crying. I felt like a failure as a mom because I could not seem to help her. I am praying that things get easier for Sara and for y'all, too.


  6. put pepperment on the end of your finger and put it in her month. For two mts my little baby girl cried from 4pm until 8 everynight. This really older lady told me this and it worked. good luck I hope it works for you.

  7. Been there. G used to shriek at the top of her lungs (oh, and then have a seizure) and my husband and I were dumbfounded. We would just walk with her, talk to her, and pray.

    John 20:19 "Peace be with you."
    Peace & Grace,

    P.S. Have I ever told you that you and Jennifer are amazing and inspiring examples of Christ? You are. And thanks for that.