Thursday, October 29, 2009

Good Checkup and Answered Prayers

Sara had a good check up with her pediatrician today. She is now 10lbs and 8 oz. We don't have to worry about a eating schedule now, she can just eat when she wants, so no more waking her up out of deep sleep naps to feed her. She actually went 8 hours last night without eating. She wasn't sleeping the entire time, it started around 8, but we can see some serious sleep around the corner.

The Lord graciously answered our prayers about the sickness and poop. Jennifer and the other 2 girls were sick with a contagious viral infection - but by the hand of God and lots of purrell Sara only had a runny nose for about a day. No fever or sickness. And the poop issue resolved itself - back to normal. One doc visit next week and then none until after Thanksgiving.

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