Monday, October 19, 2009

Our First Week Back Home

It's been a very good first week back home. Sara has done great. As I told our church, she hasn't learned all the rules of the house yet.... i.e. we sleep at night - she likes to be WILD n CRAZY some night from around 10-2!! But it's not every night and it's not always too wild and crazy. Also, when we all get our plates fixed and sit down to eat a hot n delicious meal - that is not your cue to want to be held. Again, it doesn't happen often. And third, when dad is feeding you less than an hour before church starts that is not the time to squirt a poop out the back of your diaper onto his pants. Thankfully in the providence of God I had brown pants on of which I have two pair. Other than those minor infractions, it's been a good week, she's been great, very easy going, the girls have loved her, and we look forward to many many more weeks home.

The most difficult thing for us isn't colic, but the precautions we have to take. Not being able to get her out in crowds etc.. It's a new normal we have to get used to -whenever Jennifer has to take the girls somewhere - grocery shopping, shopping, homeschool Co-op, horse lessons, etc.. I have to be home - or I have to take them. Just those little logistical mundane things that make your life go round. But we are figuring it out, adjusting expectations, God is helping us work together.

Have a great week!!

Sara and her bath. She loves it and usually smiles and squeals, but of course when the camera is rolling they don't. We'll get it one day.

Bundled up for a few minutes in the nice fall weather Saturday.

Got some pastor appreciation love last night for our church family. I should say, pastor n family appreciation love. It was so kind and thoughtful. I so appreciate our faith family (Paron Baptist), they have been incredible over the last four months, helping, willing to help, being understanding of my time needed for my family, etc.. I love em' all. If you have a pastor (and I hope you do) let them know you appreciate them - it means alot.

Jennifer was holding Sara the other night and got this great video of her. I think she likes her mama.


  1. Still praying for you all in IL. She looks great and it so cute.


  2. Oh, my goodness! She is so precious and the video is WONDERFUL!! Love the smiling! I am still praying and checking on ya'll.

  3. I clicked on this blog tonight and I have not stopped smiling!! The pictures are so wonderful of the three girls together. GOD is so good! I am sorry to hear about Jennifer's Grandmother.
    May God give you both energy to care for your wonderful family. Peggy F.

  4. She is adorable! Still praying everyone stays well and the hospital visits lessen.