Thursday, October 22, 2009

Geauxxxx Tigers!

A good week with Sara. She is settling in nicely. Sleep rather well the last few nights, only waking up once to eat. Yesss! Awake and happy during the day and enjoying life at home.

Couple of prayer requests - there is some kind of issue with her poop. It started a few days ago and our doctor asked for a sample to run a culture on today. So I had to make an unusual deliver of two dirty diapers to the doctor (or as Emma Grace likes to say from Bug's Life - a poo poo platter). We will know Monday. There is a possibility of hospital time, but with her acting normal in every way, we don't think so. I guess a preemie with a shunt there is always going to be the possibility of hospital time. Just pray.

Also Emma Grace has a viral infection (not the flu) we are doing everything we can to keep her and Sara and really the rest of us separated. We have almost begun wearing bottles of Purrell around. Pray for her to get well and no one else to get sick. As of late Thursday night - so far so good.

Also pray for Jennifer's family, her grandmother passed away this week. Unfortunately with Emma Grace's sickness, Sara's precautions, and me preaching the funeral sermon she won't be able to travel south to go. Just pray for her and her family and especially her grandpa - J.O. Thanks

Hey check out my sisters - aren't they great!

Alright, whose the wise guy? What are those bunny ears? Are you kidding, you better watch it sister, I'll drool on you!

This is what we like to do when it is naptime, turn on a bright light, let her sisters say loud things and roll the camera! Ahh, she's cute anyway.

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  1. Wow. You are in my prayers.
    Peace & Grace,