Monday, November 9, 2009

Everything going Great!

We have been doing well as a family, Sara has been doing great. We made it through our first sickness a couple weekends ago, Sara had some minor symptoms, but no fever and no trips to the hospital. She has had 3 doctor's visits that have all been great. Her pediatrician, neurosurgeon, and neurologist are all very pleased. In fact, we don't go back to the neuro-docs until March!! Now, that is nice!

We are really feeling like we are settling into a nice normal routine. I mentioned before the hardest thing about life with Sara is that she cannot get out into big crowds, i.e. church, stores, etc.. As a pastor, that makes life a bit difficult. Our church family would love to see her, we would love to bring her, but we have to weigh all of that against taking risks and her health. So we have this crazy routine of me being home while Jennifer teaches her pre-school Sunday School class, then she comes home and I go preach in our worship service. And then we repeat it in the evening, while she is helping the children's group at 5, I am with Sara, and then we switch at 6. It works. Before we know it, it will be past flu and RSV season and we can bring her wherever we want.

The good news is we have been given permission to travel at the holidays, so as long as our extended families are not sickly we can go see them. We still will have limited visitation, but that won't be a problem. We are going through bottles of Purrell hand wash like fried chicken at a pastor's conference. Thankfully they make a kind with aloe that helps your hands not turn to sandpaper from the alcohol.

Sara is up to 11.5 pounds. She is sleeping through most nights, every now and then waking up to eat once, or we have to get up and give her a pacifier. Jennifer and I alternate nights on duty, one of the silver linings to not being able to breastfeed Sara - Jennifer gets some nights off. Of course, that would be a silver lining from her perspective, I never knew how good I had it! She is really funny when it isn't her night- she really loves to sleep and not have to get up.

Some of the things we have been up to....

The girls helping me celebrate my bday. Homemade cards and a new ipod from my bride - awesome gifts and great day!

Dressing up for our church's fall festival - Tinker Bell and a Bridesmaid

Carving pumpkins

Carved pumpkins

Field trip to an awesome Pumpkin patch farm in Start, La

Licensed to Kill - don't mess with this girl!

Notice her hand in mouth - the neuro-docs were very excited about this, good brain development thing! Who knew??, we're just praying she finds that thumb and we can quit the 2am PIM's (pacifier insertion missions).

Hanging out on Emma Grace's bed

Hanging out with Maw Maw - my big sister dressed me up!

Abigail is so much help!

Have a great week, thanks for checking in, praying, and caring. God has been so gracious and kind to us, we have so enjoyed being all home together. Praying you know His grace through Jesus in your lives, homes, and families also!


  1. Psalm 119: 30–32, "I have chosen the way of truth; I have set my heart on your laws. I hold fast to your statutes, O LORD; do not let me be put to shame. I run in the path of your commands, for you have set my heart free." (NIV)
    peace & grace,
    the neeley family

  2. Hello, I am from Brighton, Tn. I read your story on Kelly's Korner blog when Sara was born. At that time I was pregnant, our babies had the same 'due dates'. Your story grasped my attention because we had so much in common. I prayed for you all everyday. Well, I had my baby on August 20th, a baby girl. She weighted 7 lbs, 10 oz and she was 20 3/4 inches long. Now she is 13 pounds. By reading this post it sounds like Sara is right on track! :) God is GOOD. Thanks for sharing Sara's story with us. I will keep Sara in my prayers especially through the flu season.
    In God's love, Candi Smith