Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Late Wednesday Night

We saw Sara tonight around 9:45, she is still stable and doing well. Blood pressure is actually better. Main area of concern is getting the strep bacteria cleared up. That is causing fluid build up in the body which is affecting the salt levels. Too high or too low salt levels can cause convulsions. Pray the new antibiotics would be effective.

I got to take the girls to church tonight and then get them baths and put them to bed. Try to give them some normalcy. It was very enjoyable. They couldn't snuggle close enough to me in the bed (EG is sleeping next to Abigail on the trundle while Paw Paw and Maw Maw have her bed staying to help so much). EG fell asleep quickly and then Abigail just wanted to talk until M and P got back from the Hospital for me to go back. Sweet times with two little girls.

It was great to see everyone at church -they are so supportive and kind. We began to sing some hymns about how good God is and I just could hardly get through a verse. My emotions were peculating near the surface and at least a dozen times I would have to take a few deep breaths. Until once when I couldn't hold it back. But that's ok too.

Jenny is pumping every three hours around the clock. I thought I had the summer to get my mind wrapped around the nighttime with newbies. AAAGGGHHHH But amazingly, you get up, you move your feet, get it all done, get the milk down to NICU and get back in bed. You try not to talk too much or it might not be pretty. It's great for Jenny, she really feels like she is helping Sara. Even though it may be a week until she is fed this milk, it is being produced around the clock. The Hawthorne Dairy - 16 bottles a day, 24/7 (ok I may feel some pain for that one)

Well, the pumping is almost done, down to the NICU and then to bed. The dr told us he'll see us in the morning, so we probably won't check on her tonight. But you never know, I may get the urge around 2:30. By the way -this dr is amazing- I don't think he has slept since we have been here.


  1. Jarrod and Jennifer, we are praying for baby Sara Rose and for your family as you go through this season.

  2. We are praying for y'all. Thank you for updating! I'm so glad Jennifer is able to pump for Sara Rose!

  3. I'm praying for you all and thinking of you so often. Much, much love to you.

  4. What a beautiful miracle. We just know that sll will be well. Praise be to our precious savior who holds Sara Rose in His hands.

  5. Ya'll are in good hands in the NICU. After working there last year, Dr. DeSoler and Dr. Payne are excellent and keep the parents informed at all times. Ya'll are in our thoughts and prayers.