Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Evidences of the Grace of God

Halfway through the surgery, the surgeon noticed there was an abruption or tear in the placenta. It was tearing away from the baby, and Sara was losing blood. A few minutes later, he called me up to look. He showed me a medium sized knot in the umbilical cord. Those two factors caused him to remark that if Jenny would have carried Sara much longer, she would have been still-born. So what appeared to be NOT a good thing - it was the only chance Sara had to live. In fact the dr noted that the abruption in the placenta is what sent Jenny into labor. Could our Father be that wise in creating these bodies to have such a cause and effect? We are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made!

This happened on Memorial day, we had been in Gulf Shores the previous week. What would it have been like if this happened a few days earlier, or on the trip back? No doubt, He would have those scenarios handled also, but it would have been that much more difficult.

Jenny felt bad enough to not take Abigail to Horse lessons Monday morning about an hour from our house. Usually she would just push through the pain, but she didn't. And.. I was going to take her myself, but due to Jenny's condition and some work I wanted to get done, I decided not to.

I still don't think we know how sick Sara was when she was born, something I plan to talk to the dr about down the road. But no doubt, God's hand was clear and present in numerous ways that we are not aware of.


  1. Please forgive me if I sound like a not it all sometimes, I really don't! But I think God has brought some people through experiences to share with those going through them now!. That being said. I just wanted to say about your wanting to talk to the dr about how sick your Sara was. Don't sometimes the best thing we can do as parents is to not know every detail. Sounds bad i know but sometimes I wish we wouldn't have known some of the things we did because it added worry and fear when we were just trying to stay faithful in God. She's a strong one tho you can tell from her video! There will be ups and downs. The meaning life is a roller-coaster will become more real than ever before but always remember God is never taken by surprise and His plan is beyond what we can imagine!

  2. Hi Jarrod and Jenny, I found your blog from another I follow. I live in New Zealand an dI will definitley pray for you and your family. Nearly five years ago. Our baby girl was still born at 27 weeks due to a placental abruption. We had the whole emergency C section senario but not soon enough. Elizabeth died just before she was born. Since then we Have had another baby Girl Annalise Who was born prematurely At 32 weeks in a similar situation but I knew not to ignore anything this time. Annalise spent 4 wks in Nicu. And she is a healthy beautiful one year old now. It is a beautiful thing to see the video of your precious daughter. I know its scary but it is also amazing. Thank you for sharing your journey. God bless you and your family. From Cassandra Robb