Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer Fun

What a cutie! These were taken at Vacation Bible School, thanks Stephanie

And I know I'm cute, that is what's so ridiculous

All of us except Abigail at VBS. Our VBS blessed us this year by making Sara the recipient for the missions offering. It was unexpected and very generous - thank you all very much!

Wait, didn't June used to be a month? Now it's like a day, maybe two. Wow what a fast month! Sara did great through vacation and Vacation Bible School. And has continued to progress well in her development. She got several good reports from various medical folk:

Assessment Therapist - she sees her every six months. When she assessed Sara last August Sara was rated as a 3 (which is the worst) in every category of development. Now she has no threes! The therapist was very very happy.

Pediatrician - he thought we had switched docs it has been so long since we saw him. He couldn't believe how far she has progressed since he saw her in March. He was really encouraged. He was hoping we could take her off phenobarb which is supposed to help with seizures. But after the blood work, her levels were not where they need to be to take her off. Even though she has never had any seizures, they want to be cautious, so we will check again in six months.

Jennifer had to take her to a lab to have blood work done. The first time they tried an IV and her veins are still shot from her hospital stay in February, they could find nothing. So after poking in her and trying for a while they quit. They would then have to prick her thumb and squeeze out enough blood to check phenobarb levels. But, they did not have the right equipment. Jennifer goes back with her a week later, and while the nurse pricks and squeezes her finger, Sara is smiling at him. When does she cry? Only when he tried to put a band-aid on her. Funny kid.

Ultrasound Technician - Sara had an ultrasound of her heart done as a yearly check up with heart doc. Jennifer hasn't seen the doc, but the technician said it looks perfect. No holes, nothing irregular. Maybe, just maybe we can cross the pediatric cardiologist off our doctor list. We'll find out in August. Why do the ultrasound in June and see the doc in August???? U got me

Sara is sitting up, crawling around (military style), turning over, and can sit up on her own from her tummy. It is amazing how much more able and strong she is. She is still eating great, sleeping great, and has one of the most laid back dispositions of a baby we have seen. She is easy going. But yet she is also immensely curious. If you are holding her and eating something she stares at your mouth with an intense expression like whatever we are doing and whatever is in our mouth is the most amazing thing she has ever seen.

One person (don't remember who) told us she was surprised how happy and laid back Sara was. Many babies in her situation are quite fussy and unhappy most of the time. We chalk it up to the Grace of God, because if she was fussy alot we would always be wondering and worried what's wrong - shunt? bowels? sick? In fact, Sara fought off her first official sickness a few weeks ago. Wasn't serious enough to take her to the doc, but there was snot and a cough for about 2-3 days. No fever. But because of her easy going disposition, we knew something was wrong. She was whiny, wanting to be held all the time, fussy. Exactly like our oldest was at that age, but this was not normal Sara. But she fought it off and was good to go.

Teeth and crawling are the biggest things she is working on. We think she might cut 4 teeth at once. All she has is her little two bottom middle teeth. But her top eye teeth are about the break the surface any day. Didn't know you could get eye teeth before middle teeth. Oh well, Sara doesn't seem to like the word normal. Won't be long before we post a pic or video of her crawling. Enjoy these.

Take a nap poolside on vacation - is there any better nap than this?

Happy Birthday to me!

Birthday cake in a pinch on vacation when you want to be careful what she eats because of allergies. So we have angel food cake, vanilla frosting, and sugary sprinkles. And you know, it wasn't half bad. Except for our 2 1/2 yr old nephew Alex - he said, "I don't like Sara's cake." Honesty - priceless.

Enjoying the beach before the oil arrives

Sara enjoying her birthday cake and song!


  1. What a great update! I love all of the pictures and the good news! Sara is so beautiful! I can't wait to see her more when co-op starts back!


  2. What an awesome little woman!! So happy to read about her amazing progress! My daughter's eye teeth came in first, too - she was adopted from Guatemala. She looked like Dracula for about a month - I was telling people she was adopted from Transylvania! A friend's baby had that happen, too.

  3. I love reading your updates. She has the most precious smile. Every picture of her just puts a big smile on my face. You are so blessed!
    Linda Corcoran

  4. I cried like a baby watching the video. She is so special. Yall have a wonderful family and are truely blessed. I love little Sara and wish the best for her...

    Paula Griffing PICU nurse