Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sara Unplugged

She had her IV taken out today. Amazing how much nicer it is to hold, rock, and walk around the room with your daughter not plugged into something. Now if we could just put some clothes on her it would really feel normal. Looking 99.9% sure that we are going home Wednesday. She's doing great. In fact last night she slept from around 10 to 6:30 without waking up. Of course Jennifer got to enjoy that sleepfest, but we naturally ask ourselves - is she ok? what's wrong? Oh, this is what normal babies do when healthy.


  1. still praying and thinking of you guys...been following your story for awhile now and so glad to know that sara is doing so well!

    i'm a preemie mom x 4 with two of my babies living in heaven so i know how hard it is. you are doing an amazing job...especially being a split family due to a hospital stay.

  2. Thinking of yall. So glad that Sara is doing so much better

  3. I'm so happy she is doing better!! But, wait a second, I've had 6 healthy babies who have never slept a night through until they were over year old! Collin is 17 months and we still have at least 3 nights a week with him screaming at 2am. LOL ;)